Acquisition of Worldly Possessions

While not the most important details of our life, we do have much to say about filling up our room in preparation for our next stage.  It would seem a small detail but after this past year we have expected much less and been happy with very little because we had no choice.  Now, as things seem to be looking up we've moved in with our sister for a season in anticipation for our next step which will be our own apartment/house pending our brother in law's arrival to North Carolina.

We moved in to a room with no furniture and no bed.  Just a couple weeks later we have managed to fill it up with goodies from Craig's List, all at a price that is so good it makes me feel a little bit guilty.  Unbelievable.

It does feel good to get some stuff finally but while I was in church today I was thinking something almost the complete opposite of what I should have been thinking.  It is time to just enjoy life, and soak in all the blessings as of late, but another thought came to mind: no matter what I get I will not feel any better.

This is no huge revelation but considering what I want to do in life; much of it involves learning languages and living in foreign countries with my wife.  It's all just a distraction on our way!

Forgive me, as I have no intention of trying to sound like I've got it all made and that I'm happy with nothing.  I really mean to say that I feel a bit of a void and although we're getting the things we need for our bedroom I recognize it adds nothing to our lives.  I don't mean to sound pessimistic either, but these sorts of things don't really please me too much.  I'm happy when I go places and do things.  I like the exotic.  I don't enjoy vacation but rather living in a place that might seem a vacation to the people I grew up with.  I don't want it to be a two week distraction.  Maybe I just long for adventure and am not very easily satisfied?  I guess that every day I'm learning a bit more.

My word for the year is still 'Contentment' until this year ends.  I have a long way to go!


Absence Makes Something Grow Fonder...

Hello, and let it be known I'm terribly sorry for the past month or so.

September 1, 2011 marked the first day of my new job, a 'real job' at GoEnergies, a local Wilmington, NC company.  My great friend got me a job working for him, since he is the lead software developer.  It's a pretty sweet deal.

Needless to say, I have been frantically brushing up on programming and database management skills, most of which had decayed to such a point as to wonder if they would ever recover.  One month later there is much more hope.  We have been developing a website for the company, as well as other internal applications; pretty normal as far as programming jobs go.

We have also purchased a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon (Limited), which means it has leather seats, a cd player and it has heated seats as well as mirror defrosting.  As it turns out it had very few miles on it, but not as few as it seemed at the beginning.  The first digit on the odometer didn't advance making it look like the car only had 17,000 miles on it.  It really had 117,000, which is still pretty excellent.

My wife, Olivia has also started working with the local YMCA where she takes care of the sweet multi-cultural kids a couple days a week.  She likes it so far and is starting to show more ambition.  Your hopes and dreams start to escape you after a year of almost constant waiting and disappointment, but that is when other things start to 'kick in', so we say.  It is in times like these that words like 'faith' really must be put to work and turned into 'works'.

There has been almost so much good news lately that we felt that we were in control of our lives again, (what a silly thought, right?), and were going to get up out of the hole we've been stuck in, all in a manner of speaking, of course.  This past week we went to the doctor to find out that Olivia has a large growth, and the doctor thought it might have been a fibroid.  The following Monday we followed up with an ultrasound.  Friday morning the guesses were confirmed and we are host to an 11cm in diameter fibroid.  That's a softball for those of you who are numerically challenged.  Life just go interesting again!  We'll keep everyone posted.  For now?  God has been true in finding us both jobs we enjoy, whether or not they are easy is another story entirely.  We are both very much happy, and growing to be happier every day despite this new bit of news.  It's strange how things can begin to seem so bright even when they don't seem as good.  For some reason I think it's all going to be fantastic in the end.  God has been pretty darn good to us.