Asian Ear Wax Is Different

While living in Seoul I discovered for the first time a timeless truth: Asian ear wax is different from mine.  Our first clue to this discovery was realizing that Asians typically have one side Q-tip and one side scoop.  They even have wooden ear cleaners that consist of only an ear scoop.

This seemed very odd to me but it didn't seem any reason for alarm.  Once back in the states we used our ear scoop on my friend's wife and our video was put on youtube resulting in a considerable number of views.  Odd, huh?  Anyway, someone pointed it out and after researching it is completely true.

There are two distinct genetically determined types of earwax: the wet type, which is dominant, and the dry type, which is recessive. While Asians and Native Americans are more likely to have the dry type of cerumen (gray and flaky), white and black peoples are more likely to have the wet type (honey-brown to dark-brown and moist).  (Wikipedia)

I never realized that something like ear wax could actually be different in Asians but here I am, standing next to my wife laughing about our differences.  These are the little joys of a bi-racial relationship--every day a discovery!

**Please try to ignore my voice--I am trying to narrate but I think I'm obnoxious!

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Like Ivan Ilyich, So The Military

Image Property of: The Fast Horse Blog
With the greatest sense of irony I finished reading Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" and watched what was left of a man accept his fate, that is death.  Just an hour earlier I received a phone call from my Navy recruiter who informed me that my request for a waiver had been denied based upon my "excessive myoptic index" or something that sounds like that--I would say something that 'looks like that' but we all know I cannot really see anyway.  Heh.

Long story short?  I'm not going into the military and we're left to find out where we will be going in the future, but not without help from above. 

Before when things were not working out we would have never been sure of our path if the military option had not been barred and now we can be absolutely certain that it was not the path for us.  In a way that is almost as definitive as death we know that there is nothing left to pursue.  Now we shall proceed, but in what direction I cannot be completely sure!  Fiat voluntas Dei.

Here's to hope and a surprising future.

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Cueva del Pirata, Part II

 Due to the unusually high number of quality photos from the last post, I have decided to extend it with the majority of the sunset photos.  I hope you have enjoyed the pictures so far, and hope that these live up to their introduction.  These are some of my personal favorites!  Please see Part I here if you haven't already.

This is above the cave, where the water pours in.

Chilean sunset bliss, plus birds.  Un atardecer celestial.

Ronnie, my Chilean brother stands out on a ledge.

A victory chant of Biblical proportions.

Up close and personal: too close, actually, I got wet!


Untimely Hardware Explosions

I do not know about you, but when your hardware explodes and your computer crashes it sends lightening bolts of pain through my veins.  We have multiple computers in my house, and we have a lot of people living here so we really do need the computers!  

Computer #1 for some time had reoccurring video problems, all of which seemed to be related to watching Netflix movies and Microsoft's Silverlight plugin.  This changed and then the computer stopped booting.  I pulled out the card and sure enough it was loaded with dust, although I had cleaned it recently it was enough to cause it to overheat.  The capacitors, located above the fan/heatsink and at bottom right of photo, small silver circular things, exploded and they zapped the motherboard.  We ran some checks, unplugged everything, memtest86+ and all, and we're confident that it's just the motherboard.

Computer #2 crashed a couple of days later while Dad was scanning.  His was not really easy to determine either.  However, after removing the motherboard completely we did realize it had some capacitors which looked fried and it was 5+ years old... We bought a new motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive and copy of Windows 7, so it's basically heaven now.  We have even gotten him set up on dual screens in his office so he can really have a good time multi-tasking to his heart's desire.  Sweet.

Words of warning?  Occasionally de-dust your computer, or you'll probably mess it all up.  Sure I looked occasionally but sometimes it's just not enough.  Also, if you're upgrading to Windows 7 you can count on your older printer not working, and probably your scanner too.  I will post soon about how you can get around your printer woes by being smarter than your hardware :)  I hope you've enjoyed this post of Nerds R Us and we'll continue with the regular cultural updates in the near future!

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Much More MEPS--Where's My Contract?

In recent news...

I visited MEPS in Raleigh for my physical and was disqualified based upon my terrible vision (-9.50 in both eyes, colorblind, etc.) but I will be eligible for a waiver.  Now I have simply done a 'hand written statement' saying that I am normal as long as I wear glasses or contacts and it is in the process of being approved by some big shots in Tennessee.

My birthday was on July 7th and my wife baked a cake for me--pictures will follow in the next post probably.  We visited a Thai restaurant and ate Pho, a delicious noodle soup with meat broth and thinly sliced beef, fresh basil and sprouts.  Amazing.  We even topped it all off with a trip to the local Mexican restaurant, El Cerro Grande, and enjoyed a couple margaritas and fried ice cream.  Who could have possibly asked for anything better?

While I do not have a signed contract with the Navy I can say that I'm almost there.  It's also possible we'll land another interesting job soon, depending on the results of some important bid, but it's all 'in the works'.  We've been learning how to deal with life in a daily basis, watching our plans go sour and get replaced with different plans :)  It's a process!  No contract with the Navy?  Maybe next time!


Love for lunch

Heart shaped bell pepper slices

Something that I get to enjoy every day is my wife's wonderful lunch.  She gets up early with me just to make me a sandwich, a salad, a snack and whatever else she can get her hands on that's fresh and delicious.

This week my lunch has had fresh strawberries, last week fresh blueberries atop a salad with feta cheese and Ken's Light Asian Sesame Dressing, which unfortunately comes with MSG :(  But it sure is good.

Lately we've favored Rye bread for our sandwiches since we found it for 1.98$ a loaf at Sam's Club.  It has given us great joy to shop and buy in bulk, those few ingredients which we need to eat like this, and I'm sure we're saving money.

Sitting down for lunch to enjoy a ham, turkey, chicken and habanero cheese sandwich on rye, accompanied by sea salt kettle cooked chips and a side of fresh vegetables, it's easy to see my wife loves me.  If I eat this way I'm sure to live a long time and have the pleasure of being at my wife's side.  I took this picture of my bell peppers and sent it to her--I hope that everyone can recognize it's resemblance to a heart--because that's what it's supposed to be.  When you eat well that means you're loved and I think this is one of the many joys of being a wife and/or mother--three times a day you can show your love.  Simply amazing every single day.  Thanks, wifey, sarang haeyo!