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Forced Seasons of Change

My last post, entitled Not So In Haste, My Heart dealt with the struggles between forcing change in our lives versus waiting for things to occur naturally, or, perhaps, as God wills them.  This post deals with a surprise which turns the tables once again; a surprise which is a relief in so many ways despite the vast amount of uncertainty that it brings with it. Over the past several months I have been slowly searching for jobs as a result of a regular discontent in my daily work, but perhaps it is more than just my work.  To be honest things have been a big blur for a while now--getting up, going to work, coming home drained, and somehow mustering up the strength to fake it all over again.  It's rather tiresome to go on doing something that is not enjoyable but I have managed to keep it up for a while.  This may be due to my innate stubbornness, or call it perseverance, but I kept it up probably longer than I should have in the end. I have been back and forth about waiting ou

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