Gibraltar, a bit of Llanito for all of us

This marks our fourth night in Gibraltar and also marks the fourth day of rain.  Fortunately for us we have time on our side.  We should have ample time for good, clear weather.  We met a French couple which attempted to take the cable car to the top of the rock but it was not in service due to poor weather conditions.  He described it as a disaster since they arrived and will depart today.  It's really an odd place here since I hear both English and Spanish all the time--sometimes in the same sentence which is interesting in and of itself.  I try to speak Spanish as often as I can, just because I can, and most address me in English since I guess I look like a tourist.  Maybe it's my sunburn?  I was also speaking a mix of Spanish and English at the Morrisons supermarket the other day who described it as a lovely place to live because of that.  I certainly find it delightful.

Near Marks & Spencer.
We are planning on visiting Europa Point, the Siege Tunnels, Saint Michael's Cave, the monkeys, of course, and perhaps a few other things.  We are a few blocks away from Main Street which is a combination of tobacco, liquor, and jewelry shops.  The liquor prices are quite low here, which makes me want to buy a bottle of something I don't really need because it is so cheap.  I don't think I can finish a fifth of liquor by myself over the next four or five days.  Perhaps if I could I should have something to worry about.

We walked around quite a bit today after the rain let up, heading down towards Grand Casemates Square, and then towards the airport.  The airport crosses the land entrance from La Línea de la Concepción, Spain, perpendicularly, which causes all incoming and outgoing traffic to stop when planes are landing or taking off.  It's quite interesting to say the least.

Lunch included a plate of fish and chips for me, Tandoori chicken for my sister in law, and Olivia had chicken pad thai.  After the baby fell asleep we walked towards Marks & Spencer and found a coffee shop--Costa Coffee, where we were able to enjoy a cup of Flat White.  We meandered about for a bit after until I had to come home to work.  Tomorrow's weather looks promising so we hope to catch a glimpse of Africa from Europa Point!


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