Gibraltar - Europa Point

Europa Point in front of the mosque.
For the first time since we came the weather was amazing--the way it's supposed to be here.  We normally sleep in a bit because of my schedule, then pack some light lunch, then hit the road.  We walked down to Casemates Square and out towards the buses.  We caught bus number 2 and paid 2.25 pounds for a round trip to Europa Point.

 We arrived and were able to catch a glimpse of the Straight of Gibraltar and Algeciras, Spain, and also across the water we were able to clearly see Morocco and Ceuta*.  Absolutely stunning views.  Windy, very windy, but well worth it.  We saw the rock behind the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque.  There is a nice playground and a cafeteria which gave us a place to eat lunch and let Eliora play for a while.

There was a call to prayer while we were there which initially frightened me a bit, then we realized what it was and laughed.  There are no mosques with calls for prayer on speakerphones where I come from.  This probably means we need to visit Morocco!

That's Morocco off in the distance.
Note: Ironic considering that Ceuta is a Spanish territory in Africa, much like Gibraltar is British territory stuck to the bottom of Spain--I don't know how many see the irony of Morocco wanting Ceuta back from Spain but not getting it back, while Spain doesn't recognize British sovereignty of Gibraltar and wishes it was theirs still.

Another Note: Coming from the USA we don't really know much about Ceuta--our taxi driver from Gibraltar had never visited and he was only an hour away.  While we didn't get to see it, nor will we this visit, it was fascinating to learn that it was Spanish territory in Africa.


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