Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Today we spent our day at the Botanic Gardens of Gibraltar.  While it may not seem like much, we woke up and went out again today.  I'm sure you're probably thinking: "If I were in Europe I would not waste a moment!".  Some of the joys of our trip are that we don't do crazy things every day.  Some days we just wake up and try to determine what we'll do with our day, much like any day in the USA.  That's part of the beauty I suppose.  If we only had one or two days in each place we would rush like mad and, perhaps, miss out on some of the boring magic of the day to day life.

A supermarket can be a thing of adventure when the whole family goes and you have never been there before.  How many people does one need to ask in order to find a supermarket?  We asked at least five people.  It's necessary to do this unless it's really obvious.  Back to the gardens...

We walked to the gardens from where we are staying since it was only about a mile away.  It is easy to find--you just look for the cable car and it is right behind that.  Very obvious entrance, and it's all in front of the Rock Hotel (which ironically ruins the view of the rock).  We just walked about, found a comfortable place to have a sandwich, and explored.  We didn't take hundreds of pictures but we enjoyed it very much.

Eliora and I explored a bit while the ladies were given a break.  We found a waterfall put in by the Lion's club, I believe it was, which had a few places where we could reach in and touch the water.  I showed Eliora how to get on her knees and hold herself with one hand while reaching in with the other.  Safety first!

There is an amazing playground which did not have a slide, but it had all sorts of things we had never seen.  We spent an hour or two there easily even though Eliora was exhausted.  We thought she would only last a few minutes but, no, she had energy to spare.  We talked to a few locals--a lady and her 11 day old baby (Andrew III, the third), and a gentleman who runs a computer business here--I think it's called PC Fix It or something like that.  He was quite friendly and I was able to ask him a lot of questions about Gibraltar--they are veritable founts of knowledge!

After we returned home we rested a bit, Eliora slept a while, and once she woke up we went back out again.  It was around 7pm or so, and, believe it or not, the sun stays up until about 21:45 or so.  We went out to an open area and ran around and pet some dogs, then descended to Main Street, which was largely abandoned today since it was Sunday.  We went to the plaza in front of City Hall and walked around on the white tiles like a train with Eliora.  We then crossed out to the main road and were able to enjoy the sun and some palm trees for a while.  Even though we didn't really do that much it was still so satisfying to be out and enjoy the city...even if it's just sitting on park benches and playing hide-and-seek with our daughter.  I'm glad Olivia likes to travel too--otherwise we would be a disaster.



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