Bi-Racial Dilemmas

     δί-λημμα, that's Dilemma in Greek...Actually it is a Greek word meaning there is a problem with two solutions--neither of which is acceptable.  A "double preposition".  Today my mother reached for a Bible at church and she then realized that before her were: a Korean Bible (쉬운성경) and a Spanish Bible (Santa Biblia), neither of which make any sense to her.  

Fortunately for us we can understand them.  My mother?  Well, she was simply out of luck today.

Thanks to Wikipedia for providing me with useful information.


Fashion Update!

I was out one night in 홍대, Hongdae, South Korea and saw these socks and got a good laugh.  I guess that if you didn't speak a word of Korean you might think it had some very funny meanings.  As it turns out, 좌절금지, "Joajoelkeumji",  means something like "Don't give up."

It's important to note here that this also applies to fashion and that I should not stop trying my best despite my best efforts' failure to attain success.  These will run you about 1,000 Won--I suggest you pick some up for yourselves or family members as gifts.

Korean socks...


Turning...Asian? I really think so.

A cup of green goodness...
You could just drink that cup of coffee or you could become Asian in about 5 minutes.  If you want to become Asian simply trade Starbucks and the American Dream for a cup of longevity and health.  It's not that Starbucks wants you dead or anything; they probably want to make you an addict to keep money coming in as long as possible.

Green Tea, or as the Koreans call it 녹차, that is Nok cha, is really great for taking those BIG Western eyes and turning them just a bit more Asian.  Don't believe me?  I'm not surprised.  I just made it up.  If you drink Green Tea I cannot promise that you'll become Asian, but I can promise you that you'll feel 50% more Asian.

If you don't know where to start why not buy gratuitous amounts of Green Tea right now?  If that doesn't do it play this song and await further instruction.  Thank you for your time.


Meandering About the Carolinas, Altitude: 1500 Feet

Last month my wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit dear friends who live in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  While we're waiting to get our green card and enlist in the Navy there's not a lot to do where we live so our generous friends arranged a car ride to the outer banks from Wilmington for us... For our return trip they arranged a private flight on a 4 seat plane with a friend who took us over the majority of the coastal region of North Carolina.

Starting from the Elizabeth City Airport we flew over the Albemarle Sound and headed towards the ocean.  We then went South-West towards Wilmington seeing Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Sneads Ferry, Surf City, Topsail Beach and finally to Wilmington International Airport, where we landed safely.

Use google maps and check it out, otherwise this means absolutely nothing.  It was beautiful...So we took a few photos and some videos--they've not been edited so they could be a bit long but I recommend checking them out.

View Larger Map

If you're interested in the plane--it's a Beechcraft Bonanza from the 1960s if my memory serves me well. Nice plane!

These are a few representative photos of our trip!

Before takeoff.

Albemarle Sound, I think.

Kitty Hawk--Where the Wright Brothers did their thing.

I think we were about 400-500 feet up here.  Amazing!

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse


My life!

Beechcraft Bonanza--our ride.


Korean Red Ginseng, Or Crack?

 Koreans love their ginseng, and I guess so do all Asians.  It's an aphrodisiac and that is enough to make anything worth eating.  The Chinese call it  the Koreans call it 홍삼, hong-sam, and you can get pills and roots, powders, pop-sickles; you can buy it just about any way you like.  

To the right, I've taken the liberty to show you the powder form that you mix with water and when you drink it you have to scream!  It's strong, but if you mix it with honey and know that it does you far more good than it does harm then it's worth it.  Just like eating your vegetables. :)  

This product is one of many in Korea for which they say: "It's good for the man."  

Korean red ginseng extract powder tea...Why not get jacked up on this fantastic product today?  Enjoy.

P.S.  A note to the reader: I am not in any way endorsing or selling this product but you should buy it immediately.


Holy Ångström, Batman!

Image is property of Pender Chronicle.
Local newspaper shows off its Unicode prowess by throwing in this superfluous character!  If you look closely you'll notice it makes a guest appearance in a familiar word, project, making a new word: projeåct.  I don't know what it means yet, or how it's related to its root word...I'm hoping someone will enlighten me ^-^

For now we can learn more about the letter, called 'Ångström' by its closest friends.  If you take your time I think you might even fall in love with this lovely character for the humor and wit it brings to our ordinary lives.  Thanks, Ångström, thanks for everything!  U+00C5 FTW!

If you are interested in further reading I suggest the Danish and Norwegian alphabet article.


Cultural Differences--Koreans and Americans

Mom's plate--mixed.
When eating it's interesting to note small cultural differences. I am sure the reader will inform me that there are many who live in America who would do the same.  You know what I think?  Bologna.  I don't mean that kind, silly, of course I mean it's total crap.  This image on your left represents a meal that was cooked and given to my mother to eat.  She mixed it all up with the rice.

Olivia's plate--separate.

If you observe the image on the right you will notice that it has all been kept in its own space, or, rather, it's been kept pure.  Koreans, of course, mix their rice in with certain things, but they keep it down to a minimum.  (Bibimbap, Kimchi Bokkeumbap, Nakji Bokkeumbap)They aren't like us--they wouldn't just go stir crazy and mix anything up with rice.  If you were married to a lovely Korean lady you would start to notice these things.

After all, it is not the glaring difference that captivates me at this stage but rather the minuscule, the details if you will.  These will keep me entertained for the rest of my life.

Ah, yes.  There was something deeper that needed to be pointed out.  Koreans are very proud of their culture and don't really look favorably upon inter-racial marriages.  You have to keep the bloodline pure.  There are many races like this, tons, and sadly many Americans included, ironically enough.  It's just funny because I wanted to find a metaphor and bring it out of something very silly.  I have succeeded because Americans are a melting pot and it is apparent even when we eat.  Freudian slip, mayhaps?


Our Baby and Other Adventures

When you have hours with nothing else to do...What do you do?  You make babies.

   +  =

After talking about the results we've decided that our baby is neither cute nor ugly.  Something is a bit strange with the hair, but I will blame it on Kim Jung Il.

Thank  you, Morphthing!


while (1.5Mile > 13 min) Run();

I'm training for boot camp thanks to a kick in the face from an old friend of mine.  I have been reading so that I know what is expected of me and since I'm 26 now I guess I'm not at the top of my game like I was when I was 21 and invincible.  Those were the good 'ole days, I mean, who doesn't want to feel invincible?

I've mapped out some routes in my rural neighborhood and have been training a bit:
Sprinting 1/10 mile, walking 1/10, repeat 5x.
Jogging 1 mile.  Cooling down.
Other days, 1.5+ mile runs.

Today I ran 1.5 miles in about 13-14 minutes and I realized that it's the bare minimum.

I have been doing push-ups and sit-ups too:
20 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, 3x.

After reading today I realize it should be timed as well!

Looks like I've got more work ahead.

Thanks to http://www.allvoices.com for this image.
You might also check out this article: http://nerdbastards.com/2011/01/19/south-korean-gamers-sent-to-boot-camp-in-fight-against-addiction/


Murder Suspect Flees to Florida; Newspaper Ruins English

Property of Pender Chronicle.
First, I'm sorry that people have to die like this all the time and that they have to kill other people.

Now that is out of the way--could this newspaper not have thought of anything better than 'kills self'?!  Please!  "Commits Suicide" would have sounded like a high school graduate had written it.

That is all.  Thank you for reading.


Rice, or, How to Fall in Love Again

Cooking rice...living in South Korea it was such a given that I started to loathe it, but now that we've come back to the states it is becoming part of our daily routine.  What would we eat in place of rice now I cannot tell you.  We have begun to diversify our rice experience by introducing spicy new alternatives, and by spicy I really mean sexy, and by sexy I really mean different.  Please enjoy the following suggestions for making life new again with rice:

Thanks to this blog!
Korean mixed grain rice:  Now this rice is serious, so much that it resembles bird seed and will sweeten up your life.  Downside?  You have to soak it for 5 hours before cooking.  I thought cooking beans was tough with their 2 hour soaking, this makes it seem like a walk in the park.  Pick this up at your local Asian supermarket and you'll be pleased.  The good news is that it takes about 30-40 minutes to cook once soaked and it follows the 2:1 water rice ratio.  It's sweet and good for you--last night it was mixed with brown rice and next time we'll mix it with jasmine to see if it tastes better.

Long grain--Mahatma is a good one, but of course I'd encourage you to save your money if it's not on sale.  More pricey than the store brand equivalent.

Jasmine--Oh, so light and fluffy!  There are tons of brands that are good, lately we have bought Thai because it's cheaper and it works well. Wal-mart has it for next to nothing for a 5 pound bag.

Brown--Mahatma makes a mean brown rice, and besides its 30 minute cook time it's really a great companion for chicken, or perhaps sausage.  It takes quite a bit more effort to chew and swallow it, but look at what you get in return?  Regularity!

LKM Nutrition
Lundberg makes a great organic sweet brown rice that goes really well with brown rice, like that above.  Because it takes about 40-50 minutes to make it doesn't get really soggy and nasty.  Regular brown rice is sometimes hard to eat and doesn't get enjoyed as much because of this--try mixing this in with it to see if it is both sweeter and more reasonable in texture. Amazon sells it for a reasonable price.


Viviendo a través de las Memorias

Contemplando de recién mi pasado, el año que pasé en Chile, sigo anhelando más del viaje que tuvo su principio hace 5 años.  Cuando vivía en Chile fui una persona totalmente distinta a la de ahora, déjame decírtelo, como si se encontrara conmigo ahora el único que se puede recordar sería mi cara.  ¿En cuanto a mi persona?  Es cosa totalmente distinta.  Parece que ese tiempo me sirvió para deshacerme de algunas energías inmaduras, y luego para reflecciones de los deseos que a veces necesitan ser arregladas, o bien, refinidas.  Me encontraba en estado muy crudo, como dibujo con mucha definición mas le faltaba la madurez con que me cuento ahora.

Oh, ¡gran etapa de exploración de mí mismo!  Esos días lejanos pero no tanto que se me olvidan... Y ahora, en casa estoy con esposa, cosa increíble para mí y aquellos personajes con quien estaba en Chile, no se le ocurre pensar que sigo así, igual de siempre.  No, no, no, al lector no le puedo dejar correr su imaginación con tal idea pecaminosa... No tanto, jeje.  Sólo falta decir que la persona que muchos conocieron, o sea, el yo de 2006, mi persona volvió a ser lo que siempre era.  Todas las costumbres enseñadas desde mi juventud ahora son parte de mi expresión natural y me fue necesario experimentar y padecer mucho para llegar a mi estado actual.  La buena educación de mis padres por fin han llegado a su fruición, no porque lo he dicho yo--como si tuviera la autoridad para hacer tal cosa...Lo digo porque he empezado valorar las cosas más importantes en la vida, éstas serán como estatuas para el futuro y me servirán en el futuro mucho.  Todo labor de parte de mis padres sí tuvo razón y al fin de todo escuché y entendí... Si alguien tan terco como yo puedo llegar a madurar y escuchar los razonamientos de sus padres el mundo tiene esperanza.

Acabo de revisar Valparaíso y Viña del Mar por los mapas de google y me ha llegado el pasado y su memoria tan fuerte, como autobus veloz, y me parece bien.  No sé muy bien qué es lo que trato de decir--creo que revisando el mapa también he llegado a revisar mis decisiones y con eso el pasado.  Me es memoria dulce y su olor, a veces huele a flores y otras a caca.  ¿Chistosa?  Sí, no me queda duda alguna.  Le recuerdo que también lo feo llega a tiempo destinado y florece y con aquella caca Dios ha crecido algo totalmente distinto a lo que yo imaginaba.

Sí, sigo anhelando algo que probé hace 5 años, pero no es lo que pensé... Tiene su principio en ella...mi esposa... y de ahí todo empieza tener algo de sentido.

(Son varios años desde que escribo muy seguido en español, así que espero que me entienda)

Thank you, Studyabroadlinks.com


Did He See It Coming?

I had the honor of taking our cat 'Tag' to the emergency veterinary hospital today because he had suffered from some very gross wounds.  He was injured on Tuesday with some swollen spot on his neck, obviously from fighting, and then disappeared.  We expected to find him dead but our neighbor found him hiding in her yard.

He had a 3" gash separating his fur/skin from the rest of his body from behind his ear all the way back to his shoulder and was limping badly.  We were able to carry him home after much effort and the smell was horrendous.  His wound had spiraled into a badly infected/abscessed black hole and the end result...as you can imagine would have required a couple thousand dollars in emergency surgery and that was only the beginning.  Turns out, after he had been put down, the doctor realized that his leg had been decaying and would have probably needed to have been amputated.

Super Bowl Sunday?  Ah, man!  I was left with the tough decision and signed all paperwork and even though I was not so close with Tag it was sad to see him go.  He was merely 4 years old and his downfall was his testosterone, since it led to so many fights.

I just wondered as I drove him to the hospital if he had any idea what was going to happen to him?  I honestly wanted to do everything I could to save him and I wanted him to believe it but it had gotten too bad.  That's what I left wondering... Do you think he could see that the end was near or was he oblivious to all of it?


Nutritional Improvements, or Blasphemy?

I'm here to talk to you today about memories...Lately I've had the opportunity to eat Cinnamon Chex and it has been a bit surreal.  It could not taste any more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch than it does, except that it is in those familiar 'stay crunchy forever' shapes.  Also, I believe that it offers marginal improvements on our childhood favorite, when you look at the nutritional info from both cereals we can safely say that it's mostly slightly better for our bodies...This is more than we can say about most things we eat.

Next time you reach for a bowl of nostalgia, why not reach for a bowl of marginally improved adult cereal instead?  But really, it does taste really good...

But you don't have to take my word for it:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Chex

Thanks, Amazon.com!


The Dangers of Circumcision

I'm doing a yearly reading of the Bible and let me tell you that sometimes I am even surprised with the excitement you find in the most random places.  In Genesis 34 the story of Dinah is told and basically she's taken, raped, and then the bad guys try to get permission from her father, Jacob, to marry and make things right.  Well, it didn't go too well and Jacob (Israel) got everyone to agree to circumcision and when the pain was at it's peak, no pun intended, his sons ran into the village and killed all the men. 

I haven't read past this point, but I know Jacob was upset his sons did this, and it doesn't really say how God felt about it, but the story just goes to show us that sometimes getting circumcised can be dangerous, especially if you're trying to cover up the rape of a man's daughter by marrying.  That's not a good way to impress a woman's father and will probably get you slaughtered by avenging brothers.

Life lessons can sometimes be so painful.

From The Brick Testament    

I encourage you to read the entire passage, it's very interesting, and also there is the lego version entitled Rape, Treachery, and Slaughter.


Safe Swimming Guidelines

I was recently visiting some old, dear friends in Elizabeth City, NC and while we were enjoying the view of the water we also took a moment to enjoy this sign.  I guess we should restrict our swimming to much shallower waters?

Only swim in shallow water.

Perhaps these waters would be more appropriate?

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I feel that this page is an appropriate ending.  Thank you!