Holy Ångström, Batman!

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Local newspaper shows off its Unicode prowess by throwing in this superfluous character!  If you look closely you'll notice it makes a guest appearance in a familiar word, project, making a new word: projeåct.  I don't know what it means yet, or how it's related to its root word...I'm hoping someone will enlighten me ^-^

For now we can learn more about the letter, called 'Ångström' by its closest friends.  If you take your time I think you might even fall in love with this lovely character for the humor and wit it brings to our ordinary lives.  Thanks, Ångström, thanks for everything!  U+00C5 FTW!

If you are interested in further reading I suggest the Danish and Norwegian alphabet article.


  1. Thanks, Zoe! I thought that some out there might appreciate it--although it's hard to find a niche crowd that really likes blogs about Scandinavian letters...heh. Thanks for supporting me, Zoe.

  2. I thank God every morning that you are my brother!

  3. i thought that it could be really dangerous if you took it in concentrate


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