Our Baby and Other Adventures

When you have hours with nothing else to do...What do you do?  You make babies.

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After talking about the results we've decided that our baby is neither cute nor ugly.  Something is a bit strange with the hair, but I will blame it on Kim Jung Il.

Thank  you, Morphthing!


  1. aaaaw i would say u guys make cute babies =)
    Greetings from finland!

  2. hahaha sweet. I am gonna check this site out.

  3. Morphthing? Isn't that me???

  4. I wonder what a Korean-Finnish baby would look like, Hanna?

    Steve, that IS you. Not the baby, but the site.

  5. Korean-finnish baby would look awesome, I mean if im the mother because my eyes are HUGE. He or she would have the most pretty eyes, LOL


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