Korean Red Ginseng, Or Crack?

 Koreans love their ginseng, and I guess so do all Asians.  It's an aphrodisiac and that is enough to make anything worth eating.  The Chinese call it  the Koreans call it 홍삼, hong-sam, and you can get pills and roots, powders, pop-sickles; you can buy it just about any way you like.  

To the right, I've taken the liberty to show you the powder form that you mix with water and when you drink it you have to scream!  It's strong, but if you mix it with honey and know that it does you far more good than it does harm then it's worth it.  Just like eating your vegetables. :)  

This product is one of many in Korea for which they say: "It's good for the man."  

Korean red ginseng extract powder tea...Why not get jacked up on this fantastic product today?  Enjoy.

P.S.  A note to the reader: I am not in any way endorsing or selling this product but you should buy it immediately.


  1. xD nice PS.

    I've been wanting to try it but it's way too expensive for me :x. It's supposed to do a lot of good for you, from what I've read.

    btw I <3 veggies :D.

  2. Ha ha! I'll be sure to tell my guy friends! :)


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