Did He See It Coming?

I had the honor of taking our cat 'Tag' to the emergency veterinary hospital today because he had suffered from some very gross wounds.  He was injured on Tuesday with some swollen spot on his neck, obviously from fighting, and then disappeared.  We expected to find him dead but our neighbor found him hiding in her yard.

He had a 3" gash separating his fur/skin from the rest of his body from behind his ear all the way back to his shoulder and was limping badly.  We were able to carry him home after much effort and the smell was horrendous.  His wound had spiraled into a badly infected/abscessed black hole and the end result...as you can imagine would have required a couple thousand dollars in emergency surgery and that was only the beginning.  Turns out, after he had been put down, the doctor realized that his leg had been decaying and would have probably needed to have been amputated.

Super Bowl Sunday?  Ah, man!  I was left with the tough decision and signed all paperwork and even though I was not so close with Tag it was sad to see him go.  He was merely 4 years old and his downfall was his testosterone, since it led to so many fights.

I just wondered as I drove him to the hospital if he had any idea what was going to happen to him?  I honestly wanted to do everything I could to save him and I wanted him to believe it but it had gotten too bad.  That's what I left wondering... Do you think he could see that the end was near or was he oblivious to all of it?


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