Much More MEPS--Where's My Contract?

In recent news...

I visited MEPS in Raleigh for my physical and was disqualified based upon my terrible vision (-9.50 in both eyes, colorblind, etc.) but I will be eligible for a waiver.  Now I have simply done a 'hand written statement' saying that I am normal as long as I wear glasses or contacts and it is in the process of being approved by some big shots in Tennessee.

My birthday was on July 7th and my wife baked a cake for me--pictures will follow in the next post probably.  We visited a Thai restaurant and ate Pho, a delicious noodle soup with meat broth and thinly sliced beef, fresh basil and sprouts.  Amazing.  We even topped it all off with a trip to the local Mexican restaurant, El Cerro Grande, and enjoyed a couple margaritas and fried ice cream.  Who could have possibly asked for anything better?

While I do not have a signed contract with the Navy I can say that I'm almost there.  It's also possible we'll land another interesting job soon, depending on the results of some important bid, but it's all 'in the works'.  We've been learning how to deal with life in a daily basis, watching our plans go sour and get replaced with different plans :)  It's a process!  No contract with the Navy?  Maybe next time!


  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounded like you had a blast! :D

  2. Those eyes, man.

    I'm going to copy Shutterbug and wish you a happy belated birthday too. Yours was nice, I want it.

    And sorry about the Navy thing. Hope things go well for you anyway!

  3. Oh, I think one big old belated happy birthday is in order! :)


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