Cueva del Pirata, Part II

 Due to the unusually high number of quality photos from the last post, I have decided to extend it with the majority of the sunset photos.  I hope you have enjoyed the pictures so far, and hope that these live up to their introduction.  These are some of my personal favorites!  Please see Part I here if you haven't already.

This is above the cave, where the water pours in.

Chilean sunset bliss, plus birds.  Un atardecer celestial.

Ronnie, my Chilean brother stands out on a ledge.

A victory chant of Biblical proportions.

Up close and personal: too close, actually, I got wet!


  1. Looks like a very romantic place! :)

  2. You know, Shutterbug is right. Babies can create themselves off there.

  3. beautiful place man, and beautiful pics too! :D

  4. Amazing. God's creations are wonderful aren't they? =) Haven't dropped by in a while due to exams + travelling. Hope all is well!

    - RS

  5. Thanks everyone. These are some of my favorites, and I look at them as often as I can to remind myself of the beauty of creation.

    Very romantic, indeed, and if I had been married in those days I might have looked at it differently. Maybe we would have created life on that day?! Hahaha...

    Jay, thank you. Any time I post a picture I took from somewhere far away I want to hear your opinion since you have a true 'eye' for photography. It's a gift!

    RS, no worries about the exams, I too have been less able to visit your life (blog). Heh. I couldn't agree with you more; I like to look up and let my thoughts go wild. I was at the beach Saturday night with my wife and a friend and we really enjoyed the vast darkness of the ocean at night and the moon and stars to light up the sand. A beauty to behold!


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