Cueva del Pirata, Part I

Located in Quintero, Chile, Region V (1 of 15 different regions), we find this gem that I visited with my Chilean family in 2005.  This is another trip from the Study Abroad program I did in the Summer of that year, and am I ever glad that I took pictures AND video.  It is still as stunning today as it was 6 years ago!  One conundrum I always faced when snapping a lot of photos was: "If I take this many photos, am I really enjoying the landscape?  If I take fewer photos will my memory preserve the true scenes better than the actual photos?"

I don't think that the answer is ever simple to something like that, however, I do know that you are not able to see posts of what's inside my head.  Without further a dieu:

My Chilean family, minus Mima! From left to right, back to front: Margarita, Ronnie, Valeria.

The ground-level view of the two previous photos. 

Chilean sunsets and whitewash.
Entering the cave.

Wikipedia: Regions of Chile, Region V: Valparaíso.
Google Maps: Quintero, Chile.


  1. I would love to go there for a vacation! It looks nice! :)

  2. save for the occasional container ship, it looks great!

  3. Wow, that's beautiful there. You got that perfect sunset hour too.

  4. You should, Shutterbug! I know you won't regret it and they have lots of seafood for Asians!

    Jay, you're right about the ships, I guess I didn't realize how much of an eyesore they were since I got caught up in the moment. The sunsets are my favorites though, by far. There are a couple with complimentary birds!

    D4, it was accidental on my part, as I was just following the group but it really worked out well. Sometimes I wonder if I destroy the moment by taking so many pictures. I guess I'd have to ask Jay about that, he's the REAL photographer, I wonder if he feels the same way?


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