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In a previous post entitled "Sinking the Navy to Go Army" I described our military entrance circumstances and how we had left the Navy recruiter to greener pastures at the Army.  Needless to say our circumstances have changed!  After a period of nearly a month and with no return phone calls reality began to set in.  We subsequently set our sights on new opportunities, none of which has been successful to date, but we are very hopeful that something or even multiple somethings will open up for us.

Last week, nearly two months after we began talking with the Army someone called and told me there were no jobs for what I wanted to do, that is, Crypto Linguist.  He did, however, have some encouraging news and referred me to the Navy recruiter who could promise me a job.  We have officially left the Army to talk with Navy recruiters (again) and could have a result this week, Lord willing.

For anyone and everyone interested in becoming a linguist in the military: be prepared to wait, especially if you have traveled extensively, have a foreign wife, a mother who was conveniently born in Canada, and a broken metacarpal with no supporting medical documents.  This is not a good time to be looking for employment, especially if you are seeking a job which requires a security clearance.  We're being a bit choosy but it just so happens to be one of our dreams so I think it's important to stick with it.

...[a few days later, but before the post was actually published]
I have been sent to Raleigh MEPS and while en route was called and told that something had been messed up and that I would need to come straight back on the van and go again at a later date.  Fortunately for me, I have been thrown around quite a bit and almost expected something of this nature.  We had been told on multiple occasions that we were going to go to MEPS and then cancelled before I ever got on the van; this time I was actually on it and had to come home.  Next week I hope to make it all the way to Raleigh, stay the night, and swear in to the military.  Let's cross our fingers and see what happens.

Who would have thought it would be this much fun to join the military?  Is anyone else out there trying to join the military, be it in the USA or in another country?


  1. hoping for better things for you guys in the future. :)

  2. I wouldn't dream of joining the military, even the jobs that don't require you to go to battle. Just too much trouble with VA that I've gotten to see. For you though, good luck, man.

  3. Thanks, Jay. We are too and it seems it will pay off, eventually. I do feel that we have been learning some very unique things through our period of waiting that would have otherwise been impossible. Patience is learned the hard way, you know?

    D4, I had always said the same thing as you until last year. I don't know what changed but something did and I've had my eyes on this position ever since. I wouldn't have recommended it for myself, let alone anyone else, but now I feel that a few years of it could do me some good. It is certainly a government job, with all its benefits, but it does certainly have its drawbacks! Most notably the red tape and the time away from home. Thanks, though, I hope it goes well for us too!


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