Sinking the Navy to Go Army

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 "Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another's speech."
--Genesis 11:7 NASB

**For those who have been following the process of joining the military, I have an update.

After two months of waiting to contract with the Navy as a CTI (Cryptologic Technician Interpretive) we have begun to grow impatient and reevaluate our plans.  We called the Army and have begun the process to enlist as a Cryptologic Linguist, basically the same job with an Army uniform. 

I have to admit that it was not my first choice but I will be very glad to get this job in any branch, and I am willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for the experience that this job will offer. 

Through college I tired of Computer Science and grew more interested in Spanish and other foreign languages, however the connection was not complete until after graduation.  Now I am pursuing a career as a Linguist and would like to earn a Masters Degree in time, but this is a great intermediary step in my opinion.  South Korea served a similar purpose--an opportunity to travel, learn a new language, immerse myself in a foreign culture, all while paying the bills!  I even met my wife while living there!  This position seems the same.  It really covers all my interests well and despite a few small drawbacks (boot camp won't be easy, for instance) I am ready to embrace it.

While there is nothing official and there are no promises I am confident that we will become Army property very soon.  After all this waiting it will be a huge sigh of relief, also, we can tell my wife's family that we're going to marry--even though we're already married.  Hehe.  Here we go!



  1. hey now with osama dead, it should be a sign of relief....well sort of...

  2. I don't know what everyone is going to do when they wake up now. It kind of takes away our purpose, heh. I just hope no one tries to be just like him, then we'll just have another Where's Waldo game in real life. I don't know, I heard a guy on the radio talking about radicals like Osama and comparing them to the Nazis and how they have never come back they were dealt such a blow. It would be nice for radicals of this sort to die out, both literally and metaphorically!

    I just want to be a Linguist, pen and paper :)

  3. Now if I can just get my recruiter to call me back!

  4. hang in there, you'll get the job. :)


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