What's in a Name? Part I

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You might not think a name could mean as much as it does; in Korea it could mean the difference between marriage and ... getting dumped.  While living in Korea my father in law gave me a Korean name, On Yoo Kim (김온유) which comes from the book of Matthew in the New Testament.  It means 'meek', as in:

Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
--Matthew 5:5 (NKJV)

Korean names almost always have Chinese counterparts since much of Korean is Chinese.  A lot goes into choosing a name because a good name means good luck and could determine compatibility with a future partner.

Kim, meaning 'gold' (metal): family name.  In Korean: 김.

On, meaning 'warm'.  In Korean: 온.

    Yoo, meaning 'soft'.  In Korean: 유.

Chinese name: 金溫柔.
Korean name: 김온유.
Romanized Korean: Kim On Yoo.

I guess it's a pretty good name, as far as names go.  You'll see in my next post how my wife's name relates to mine and that we're compatible in the Asian sense.  Of course, it is a made up name, so we had better be compatible :) 



  1. golden, warm and soft.. you must be like a huggable, yellow teddy bear! ;)

  2. I'm learning. I like this.

  3. if you know my full name it means serene, beautiful diamond. hahah. but I only found out its meaning much later in life. =)

  4. Jay, I forgot to mention that my middle name actually IS teddy bear. How could I have forgotten that?

    D4, I'm glad! I have got some new posts that will hopefully promote learning. I am going to try to change the grammar posts to something more constructive, so that we can all learn from the mistakes I find. It might as well be constructive, right?

    RS, how about expensive taste?! Hahaha. Of course you would have a name like that. I'm surprised it doesn't also have something to do wtih 'great blogger' and 'very photogenic' and stuff like that :) Your parents were very smart!


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