Friendly Outing: Downtown Wilmington, NC

Instead of talking your ear off in this post I've decided on something a bit less wordy.  Our great friends, Steve and Jenny came to visit us from Pittsburgh, or somewhere in Philadelphia, on their visit to the USA from Korea.  We got to hang out with them and get some excellent photos of Historic Downtown Wilmington.  These are a few of those shots, enjoy!

Sweet church, 3rd and Market St.

Heading South on Market St. at 3rd St.

3rd St. and Market, facing Courthouse.
In front of random lawyer's office, Market St.  Olivia, Steve and Jenny.
2nd St. in front of parking lot and Village Market store (almost).
Market St., in front of Slice of Life Pizza, random guy in back is unknown.
Olivia and I walking on the boardwalk in front of the Henrietta (boat).
Do Not Enter.
Trendy band shot, squinting because of sun.  I look so trendy.
Front and Dock Streets, in front of Dock St. Printing, beside the Reel Cafe.
Me, Casey, and Steve at Port City Java.
Jenny and Olivia.
The Whole Gang at Casey's sweet place.

I hope you have enjoyed them.  Until next time!


  1. You know, it's pretty darn decent...unless you're looking for a job in something besides medicine, education, real estate, and law.

    It's a pretty small town with great weather, but I am hopeful we'll be getting a job out West! W00t! Thanks for reading, KICKINGROCKS.

  2. Looks like a charming little town! I like! :)

  3. Too bad there aren't many Asians! My wife sure does feel alone. Actually there is a rising Spanish speaking population--fine by me since I love Spanish--maybe we've got about 10% Hispanic in North Carolina now. Crazy!

    Thanks for watching. I had to switch up the content a little bit--I don't want you guys getting bored with articles on stupid grammar all day long. No way!


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