It's Just a Comma, Momma!

Sometimes we can add commas just to break up a sentence.  Other times we use a comma to change the meaning significantly.  Consider the following:

Sweet Midgets.
Sweet, Midgets!

Just in case the whole comma thing doesn't mean anything to you I still think that the picture is loaded with opportunities for laughs.  Enjoy.

Rules For Comma Usage
Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab): Commas


  1. sometimes WITH a comma, sentences can go terribly wrong.

    exhibit a:

    A panda eats, shoots and leaves.


  2. lmao!!! I actually said it out loud!

  3. Yes, RS, you are completely right. I love commas for this very reason--they can clarify and confuse depending on where they are. What power! Pandas are pretty mean animals now that I think about it, so heartless :)

    Kicking Rocks, did saying it out loud help it make sense? Sometimes these things don't work until we say them out loud; just be careful who is around you listening--I wouldn't want to be responsible for you shouting out awkward sentences in an office full of middle aged women. Yikes!

  4. I'm too easy to amuse. Way too easy.

  5. Where can I get some sweet midgets? ;)

  6. Being easily amused has its advantages, D4! You get a lot of cheap laughs, and I am glad for it.

    Shutterbug, I think you can find them at your local grocery store, or perhaps in Craigslist personals :)

  7. I think pandas are just misunderstood creatures, such as myself.


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