Magical Asian Cereal: Good Friends

Asian Friendly Cereal?

In all honesty I think Kashi is on to something with this new cereal entitled 'Good Friends'.  Simply put, I was walking down my local grocery store's cereal aisle and was stopped in my tracks by this delightful box cover.  You know, it could say a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to me it said: 'Hey, we're Asian and we LOVE IT, you should too!'

Hopefully it doesn't promote racial profiling or stereotypes in any way...but if it contributes to our regularity and reduces colon cancer I think we should all try to become just like these Asian girls.  Wow, they're Asian and they're not fat like us... Oh, wait, I've already started... See that?  I really need to be more careful.

Here's to good friends and grainy cereals!


  1. hahah. Asians in general are smaller and healthier than Westerners probably because of our diet! But it's definitely becoming worse due to McDonald's and KFC!

  2. LOL. That is a funny name for a cereal.

  3. They are happy, Jay, because they're healthy!

    RS, Asians know how to eat healthier foods, that's for sure. Too bad they work so darn hard, because if that's their downfall, it probably is. That and not enjoying life in general. That's what I found to be true in Korea--they live a long time eating healthy foods but don't really enjoy work or life! These Asians on the box, however, seem to be very very happy. McDonald's and KFC need to take their rightful places in our lives--perhaps weekend visits, you know? Not every day.

    Shutterbug, maybe they should have called it "Happy Asians". Heh. But you're right, it's a great name for a product, why didn't we think of it?

  4. RS, one more thing: Westerners need to practice more self control/restraint in these issues. It would ultimately make us enjoy a much higher quality if life--heart attacks at 55 aren't a good sign of quality of life, you know? The first world shouldn't be the first to die! Ironic, huh?

  5. hahah! indeed that is QUITE ironic. But I know my fair share of Westerners who are VERY health-conscious. In fact, many are becoming vegetarian and vegan (apparently there IS a difference). Koreans are very different from other Asians i.e Malaysians.

    I've many friends who are Koreans and they don't enjoy life not because they DON'T want to but its because of the way society works - WORK WORK WORK and no play. It's really SAD but they're one of the most persistently hardworking bunch I've ever met! I wish I had their dedication. It's amazing!

  6. At least its not called friends with benefits cereal......

  7. RS: vegans have to give up EVERYTHING that is delicious, obviously something I could not do. I cannot even bear to give up my precious red meats. I wouldn't even be a good muslim or jew because I like hooved animals...mmmm...tasty! Hahha Koreans are very very dedicated and I wonder how they do it for so long. Any ideas as to their secret?

    KickingRocks: Oh my gosh. Haha. It would probably make some people sick because it's two girls on the box cover too. That would probably stir up a lot of trouble in grocery store land :)


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