Clearance Issues

 Never gone shopping, apparently.

Obviously an accident, this fine work of art will probably not cause any long term problems or confusions.  I do not believe anyone will disregard it and drive his 12' truck underneath simply because it is spelled incorrectly.  Well, let us hope this is the case.

It was found just outside the DMV / Highway Patrol Station on Market Street, Ogden, North Carolina.

Something I learned while researching this--the rules for correct spelling are not as clear cut as I thought.  I searched dictionaries for words ending in -ance and -ence and the result was very close.  According to information gotten from, there are 796 words ending in -ance and 773 ending in -ence.  Some, however, are not true matches, i.e. France, fence.

This is an easy one to mess up for some people, so I will provide some useful information that will help us all spell it correctly in the future:


    1. You're right, Jay. I was even able to look past the error enough to not ram my head into it... but posting it on the blog? Well, that's another story :)


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