Love for lunch

Heart shaped bell pepper slices

Something that I get to enjoy every day is my wife's wonderful lunch.  She gets up early with me just to make me a sandwich, a salad, a snack and whatever else she can get her hands on that's fresh and delicious.

This week my lunch has had fresh strawberries, last week fresh blueberries atop a salad with feta cheese and Ken's Light Asian Sesame Dressing, which unfortunately comes with MSG :(  But it sure is good.

Lately we've favored Rye bread for our sandwiches since we found it for 1.98$ a loaf at Sam's Club.  It has given us great joy to shop and buy in bulk, those few ingredients which we need to eat like this, and I'm sure we're saving money.

Sitting down for lunch to enjoy a ham, turkey, chicken and habanero cheese sandwich on rye, accompanied by sea salt kettle cooked chips and a side of fresh vegetables, it's easy to see my wife loves me.  If I eat this way I'm sure to live a long time and have the pleasure of being at my wife's side.  I took this picture of my bell peppers and sent it to her--I hope that everyone can recognize it's resemblance to a heart--because that's what it's supposed to be.  When you eat well that means you're loved and I think this is one of the many joys of being a wife and/or mother--three times a day you can show your love.  Simply amazing every single day.  Thanks, wifey, sarang haeyo!


  1. lovely, you're a lucky guy!:)

  2. You are one lucky man! I hope someday I will get that kind of treatment! ;)

  3. Damn you. You got me hungry AND teary eyed within a 2 minute time span. Not fair.

  4. Thanks guys (Jay & Shutterbug), but I'm also saying the same thing every day I wake up, "Man, how the heck did I get a such a great girl?!" And I have no good answer other than God loves me!
    Shutterbug, you just wait, later you'll be taking photos of your kids and asking us what we think they are. You'll find it, or it'll find you all too soon!

    D4, I didn't mean to give it to you all at once, I'll try to break it up a little bit better next time :)


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