Go Energies or Go Home

I've told most of you of my new programming job but have not told much about it.  I'm a programmer, along with a very good, old friend of mine, who is the lead and I am the first in command underneath him.

We program mostly in PHP, but there are lots of opportunities to use javascript, jquery, and we do a fair bit of work in html/css in addition.  There are some projects to come which will require my renewed interest in java.  Anyone unfamiliar with the Yii Framework would likely find it interesting as well.  The Yii Framework is an example of the MVC or Model, View, Controller framework which separates web applications into three distinct parts, so that you focus on getting data, presenting it and working between the database and the views by using the controller, which is a bit of an in-between.  It means you get your data, you pass it around and do things with it, and then present it, all in a nicely compartmentalized way.

Interesting?  Well, that's the beginning of it.

I'm working for GoEnergies, a bulk fuel company and help them build tasty, sexy and otherwise useful applications to make their lives easier.  It's not a bad job, actually, it's pretty great.  If you want a good idea of what I do in addition to this, I am sure that the linux command line and vim would summarize it all very nicely.  Oh, yes, I use Linux AND I'm normal.  Imagine that.

If this post seems like it was written in another language it almost was, but don't fear, I will post more delectable things at a later date.  That's the good thing about being ADHD, or multi-faceted, it means all your readers never get bored :)


  1. My ladyfriend will be interested in this. She'll also explain everything to me.

  2. I read an article today about a Forensic Linguist... I thought that would be the perfect job for you. Dale Color

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  4. I think we want to do benevolent things and be praised for it because it would stroke our ego and make us feel better about ourselves, and if it would also entail going new and exotic places then all the better. Everything anybody ever does, in my opinion, is for an ultimately selfish reason. It's just a matter of what kind of selfishness it is: either it's the healthy, constructive kind, or the unhealthy, destructive kind. Just my two cents. I wouldn't feel bad if I were you.

    Also, it's been a while since I read your blog as well. I read a whole lot of blogs as I am constantly trying to grow my readership, and I would say that only about five percent of the people whose blogs I read can actually "write" by my estimation. And you are in that five percent.

  5. Thanks, Mrs. Morris. It's really only difficult because we have to choose a path and get going on it so we can do what we really want. It's as if we have to live two separate lives, one where we do the necessary to survive, and the other where we actually do what we feel born to do. It's reconciling those two aspects that makes it all such a difficult thing. Artists pursue them both as one, but many others try to get their dreams by working at making enough money to pursue them at a later date.

    It's tricky business, isn't it? Thank you for the information!

  6. Elliot, thanks for your post, and I'm behind so I hope you forgive me.

    We do all long to be recognized, deep down, and how we get that recognition could save or destroy the world. Heh. I want to defend myself and say that I don't want any recognition but perhaps this blog itself stems from wanting to be known and recognized as a contributor to something larger. Oh, the truth, ouch! My belief is that we are all designed to fulfill some greater purpose and we're not going to be at rest until then.

    I think that some have realized that they are working towards their goals, or purpose and are content to be 'in motion', but it always seems like I'm not doing anything of consequence. I understand how going to work gets my family money but it seems, pessimistically, at odds with that other part of me.

    The good news is that it is all working itself out, daily. I just have to get it all out of my head so that it doesn't explode.

    I appreciate the bit about my writing. I try really hard to do my best, and grammar is something that gets under my skin--I think I do it most so that I won't be a hypocrite. Funny, huh? Thanks, Elliot!


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