Biometrics--a fancy name for something not quite so fancy

Today we're in Durham, NC to partake in the most wonderful ceremony of Biometrics, which is the fun part of the I-485, or Adjustment of Status, which comes after marriage and before conditional permanent residency, which will allow us to apply for permanent residency again in two years.  It's all very cryptic when you write it out here but it means that we, not really me, but Olivia, had to get pictures taken and let 'the man' have her fingerprints.  Haha.  Anyway, after a lot of cold, hard cash we are able to look forward to the soon arrival of our green card which is not quite as predictable as we might hope.

We got a Request For Evidence (RFE) recently because my mother was born in Canada of all places which has caused them to pause the case until we were able to send in some proof of their (parents') status... That actually went pretty well, got it in quickly and now we're dealing with the Biometrics part and soon, Lord willing, we'll be reaping the rewards of this whole process!  They have been good to us so far, as we have been involved in this process far less time than many many others.  I have read posts from others where they have been waiting years for acceptance and we started it all in June this year.  The good news is that we were together in Korea for a great deal of time before we decided to come back here and marry.  It's been a little less than easy, honestly, but we are blessed and count ourselves lucky.  There is still much to take care of, mind you, but much of the difficult stuff is actually behind us.  Fortunately for me, or us rather, that I had experience working at the law firm a few years ago and it gave me a head start on filing all of these documents... I guess I can say that I am quite the pen pusher after all!

After we get our green card I can proceed to get the job in the Navy that I've been amped about for quite some time.  There are quite a few things that I'm nervous about but that is true with any job.  There are many things that I am looking forward to, surprisingly.  I had for many years nearly cursed the military and sworn that I would never join but have found that with time come many different points of view and our circumstances have had a surprising impact on our direction.  I feel we're blessed to be able to go this route and we're dependent upon God to pull us through the rest of the way.  I'm excited about a career in Linguistics, honestly, and have been waiting a good while to get into it and this seems like a really great start.  This is all such a great surprise to me and to many others as well, but Korea was for me and many others much the same.

Yay for getting much of it done and here's to finishing up the process so we can go about our lives in a way in which normal people do not even think twice.  Come hither green card, and let us move on with our lives!  


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