Korean Colors with Lyra

There's nothing cooler than practicing foreign languages, but how about practicing when you can teach them to little kids?  While I'm still not an expert in Korean by any means, not remotely, we can still teach others what we know.  Lyra, my niece, was learning a bit about how to say her colors in Korean, with a little help from Olivia, my wife (remember, I'm not an expert yet, we all need help sometimes).

It was one of those moments I think.  Enjoy!


  1. That's just adorable! It's that cute bonding time stuff, hehe

  2. It's supposed to reassure me that I'll be a good father one day...

  3. she's going to grow up to be a diplomat! :D

  4. awww... so cute! And yes, you will be a good father one day! :D

  5. Way better than what I could do. If I tried to teach Mandarin words to some little kid, my old Chinese teachers would be preemptively spinning in their graves at how bad I've gotten at it.

  6. She'll be an amazing diplomat, Jay, we can bet our buttons on that.

    I'll give it my best, Shutterbug!

    DWei, I think that is the job of every language teacher: to go crazy at every mistake we make! I'm sure that you could teach more Chinese than me!


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