Subtleties of Apostrophies

While brushing my teeth tonight I had a thought.  Please consider the following:

1.  Staying out of arm's way.
2.  Stayin' out of 'arm's way.
3.  Staying out of arms' way.

Possible interpretations for them could be:

1.  One needs to avoid being in the way of my arm... He might get hit.
2.  One should stay out of the way of harm.
3.  One should avoid both of my arms,
or possibly:  One should avoid places where guns might be used...He might get shot.

You might think I'm a bit strange for allowing permutations of this type to work themselves out in my mind, but what would do you do with your brain while performing such acts?!


  1. I don't think you're strange. I think of these types of things all the time. Usually as I type to somebody. When people receive my emails, they're often confused.

  2. when brushing my teeth, i think about which teeth gets brushed.


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