How NOT to write in English


When using the English language it is important to think before we write things down all willy-nilly.  This, for instance, is a fine example of what is written in the deep South that makes me want to throw myself off the metaphorical bridge of grammatical correctness.  

I guess this is not anything to be too upset over, but it sure did make me laugh a lot right before I arrived at Dunkin' Donuts to devour a cinnamon apple spice donut and a cup of coffee.  

Tell me, how would you feel after reading something like this?  Would you laugh or would you cry?  Would you respond in another completely unrelated way?  Please, tell me below!

*Thank you WeltBranding for the suicide image.


  1. I used to take great offense at "Dunkin'", "fixin's" etc. The sign "Stand back of white line" also used to cause a double-take. I've just gotten[sic] used to it now.

  2. It is sad in a way :/ I agree with Sucio.

    Cool blog, following :)

  3. I never realized that so many things were incorrect until I went abroad and studied foreign languages... That's when my mind really got blown.

    One interesting incorrect rendering is at the grocery store: "20 items or less" should read "20 items or fewer" but we don't really think about it.

    You're right, Sucio, we hear it so much we forget that it's wrong!

    Doo: Thanks! It is sad, but we just have to make sure we don't go grammar nazi or just lazy like the others. Find somewhere reasonable along the spectrum, you know?


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