Snowfalls, Snow Cream, and Tranquility...

*Please follow this link to Ludovico Einaudi's "Divenire" which is the most perfect song to accompany this reading.  Click here.  Now we can continue!

Today, sometime between 7am and 11am we got a lot of snow.  Of course we went out and played in it and I even got some good shots of it (see below).  To be completely sure of the accuracy of our measurements I took the liberty of using a yard stick and the total snow buildup in our yard as of 5.41pm is between 6-9 in. (15-23 cm) depending on where I measured.  Of course, 6 in. was average in our whole yard and I would never lie to my friends but I was able to find some areas that were significantly deeper!

We bundled up to face the cruelties of nature and even managed to collect a bit of snow to make snow cream.  Olivia, being the Seoul city girl that she is, would not partake of my glorious creation because she's one to believe that all air is dirty--including our pure North Carolinian air.  This is all, to be certain, false.  North Carolina offers only the most lovely air quality--we're the green state for heaven's sake!  Anyway, I did a bunch of google searches to try to put something on here to verify for everyone the pristine quality of our air--it seems that it's not quite as clean as I had hoped and many sites were complaining about it.  I guess that the snow cream might not be as pure as I had thought?

I have digressed...We went outside to play in the mostly clean air and enjoy the snow.  This is the most snow I can remember falling in this area since our 1989 snow, and most of you will probably not remember it, and if you were old enough you probably did not live here.  It was very memorable.  I think we have a bunch of pictures of it because we helped shovel off the driveways of my grandparents' house and made snowmen and had a good time of it.  Today we had a good time too, only we're a bit older and we're on the outskirts of Wilmington now, but that is part of the reason we got so much yummy snow.

A couple of weeks ago we also got some good snow but this was way sexier.  You know, I think that I'll just show you pictures and stop rambling on about it.  What do you think about that?

Snow Cream:
I had to look up a good snow cream recipe because I didn't want to be a failure on such a lovely day.  I used the following sites and then modified them to make it 'our way'.  I guess we weren't really feeling the egg since some people worry about good times (salmonella) which somehow coincide with all important events and holidays... Strange... Anyway, these are some of the sites I stole from.
In the end I decided on using milk, vanilla extract, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, and brown sugar.  We didn't have any sugar besides that, so please don't think it had anything to do with our health.

(A bit of our adventure)

(Still shots of our adventure!)
Behind our house...

Snow covered trees behind our house.

Olivia and I enjoying the beauty.

Olivia and Hannah walking toward the front yard.

Us looking adorable.


  1. Hi's Matt's mom. I enjoyed reading your post very much and I look forward to reading more. As you know, I am from this area and the great snow of '89 was my very first White Christmas!!! It was something I dreamed of and wished for every Christmas Eve, even when it was 75 degrees outside. Take care! Cindy


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