Losing Family Heirlooms (Almost)

How Could I Lose Thee?
 On a previous post, I was sharing the joy of the snow and how awesome it was to get it and play in it.  We posted a video about playing around in the snow and took 1,000 pictures and at the end of the day I was typing up the post and I looked down....DUH DUH DUHHH!  Guess what was missing?  My ring.  But not really my ring as we all know, that has been on hold for a while since Zales has such terrible service.  It is my great uncle's ring, and he has long since ascended to eternal bliss and it has been passed on to my grandfather who generously loaned it to me.

I could tell you about how we went out with flashlights and walked around the yard, the street, the woods near my house and searched the whole house over...I could even tell you about how much we prayed begging God to help us find it and reminding Him how self-less we are since we do not want to cause any undue stress to my grandfather...Actually, we didn't really pray like the people in the video, since we're not Buddhists, but that was just a joke.  Hehe.  But we did pray, just not to Buddha.  Anyway, I could also tell you how every day I would hopelessly go out for the mail and wander around with my head facing the ground hoping for a miracle like this, or this, or even this... But it was all to no avail.  Miracles don't generally happen on our terms, you know? 

To make a long story slightly less long I'll cut out segments of the past five days and just tell you the result.  We went to visit some good folks at the Goodwyn residence in Rocky Point, NC, and after telling them the plight we were in (what a terrible plight indeed!) Mr. Goodwyn happened to have a metal detector and offered to come by and find our lost treasure.

At approximately 2.45 pm on Sunday, January 16th, Mr. Goodwyn came to our house and we began the search.  Ten minutes later we stepped on the ring and danced around merrily for the return of our lost treasure!
Waving to Olivia just after losing my ring.  I didn't even know!  haha

This is it...What a beauty!

Searching with Mr. Goodwyn

I think I was right over here...Yeah...Yeah!

Here are some random blogs that I ran into while searching for some related content.  Thanks!


  1. nothing escapes mr. goodwyn. nothing.

    glad you guys found it!

  2. You should have been there for that glorious moment. It was the most relief I have felt in quite some time--other times like this one include: getting visa for Olivia just before we had to leave Korea after preemptively ordering plane tickets... A daring game!

    It was great to officially meet you, sir, too bad you don't live next door.

  3. lolwat
    ah nice blog, but take the catpcha off!

  4. I felt so silly, P! I was like, "What is this, some new interweb lingo or something?!" and I read the wiki entry on it... Too bad I had to confess that to you; now I cannot claim that I'm so cool! I took it off, or it should be off unless I messed it up. If you have anything else that sucks or is annoying let me know--I'm new to the blogging world and am trying to not do it obnoxiously. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it!


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