Green Card Blues No More, Navy-bound With Oar

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I am pleased to inform everyone that my wife's green card has finally arrived and it's quite a beauty.  After our marriage in October, the 15th to be precise, we filed our Adjustment of Status (AOS) paperwork and moved from our K-1 Fiancée Visa to Permanent Residency.  Filing at the end of October we had our Biometrics appointment December 28th and our AOS interview February 24th.

     About a week after we did the Biometrics part we received our EAD, or Employment Authorization card and it was approximately the same amount of time after our AOS interview that our green card arrived.

     I have continued in the long process of enlisting in the US Navy since we were temporarily delayed due to our not having a green card yet... We are almost there--so close we can taste it yet we have not heard a definitive 'yes' nor have we heard a ship date for boot camp.  It's all been a waiting game since we arrived in the USA on that fateful September day.  Life is very often about waiting and we have come to tell you that is very true for us...
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     Since we decided to move back to America and marry it was roughly January, 2010, although it was in the works long before, we have spent the greater part of our lives waiting.  It's not as bad as it seems once the end is nearing but when you have not heard back from Immigration or the military or the visa is taking too long... that is when you begin to pull your hair out.
     When your wife's mother disallows your union and promises to make it end, provoking your anger daily, forever proclaiming her dissatisfaction with my race, my personality, and my profession, you cannot help but hope for a speedy end!  I'm here to tell you that quick might be good when you're in line at the grocery but it doesn't do you a bit of good when it comes to building your character.

The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the way I got Olivia to America... She came because she loves me.  Period.  ^-^


  1. congratz - it must be a relief...when ever I'm waiting on official stuff I get the jitters just in case something goes wrong lol

  2. Thanks, as always Zakk. I always appreciate it.

    G, thanks, and it is a HUGE relief. Even though there's nothing to worry about we are always nervous, just like you. I don't know we let it get us worried. I was almost OCD about the immigration paperwork, heh.

  3. congrats! i have a relative who's married to a Korean. they live SK now, they'll be visiting soon.

    following your interesting blog. :)

  4. It's not just a korean mother thing. It's an ASIAN mother thing. I know of so many marriages involving a Westerner and how troublesome it can be.

    Asians tend to perceive the West to be untraditional, having little moral values and to be too liberal. Of course this doesn't apply to all but this is sadly the notion that many believe to be true. =/

    I think the media is to be blamed for this. The general public learn about others through TV programs. I mean, Muslims = terrorists. Catholics - paedophilic priests Black people = gangsters.

    On another note, sorry that things with the mother-in-law have been tough. Patience. THere's always a way into someone's heart.

  5. Jay.CA--Where is your family located in Korea? I was in Seoul for about 2 years and pretty much stayed near Seoul National University, a nice location just away from the masses but close enough to not be secluded from everything interesting. Is your relative in the military or teaching or what? I have quite a few friends like me now, who married foreigners and it's funny to me, I might have to try to meet people who just married Americans so I can feel special again... haha. I'm glad you like my blog, I hope I can keep it exciting for you as time goes on, thanks for stopping by!

  6. RS, as always, you're correct! I have been realizing that it's not even entirely particular to Asians--I believe that Italians, for example, are pretty nationalistic and like to keep their family close, which is pretty much what Koreans like to do, but also Koreans like to keep the bloodline pure, but I think it's changing. Have you seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? They talk about xenos, or outsiders and it kind of reminds me of our story, a tough one at times but very happy!

    The West is untraditional, too liberal at times (often) and has fewer values every day, but I hope that we can return to our roots in many ways in the future. That is part of Western culture, a bit of built in rebellion, but we should probably not rebel against our own DNA, it might prove fatal! :( I hope that we can have a swing back towards some more traditional values in the future so we don't forget what made us American, or whatever we are to begin with.

    The media, aggghhh! People also watch American television in general, and to be honest, there is a lot of garbage and it defines us to people who learn about us through our television, unfortunately.

    You forgot, all white people wear white sheets and hate blacks, and well, we don't like jews, or mexicans, or poles, or anyone else... apparently. We don't even like ourselves! haha

    We're working our way into her heart; we've been praying for years already! Thanks!

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