Indío Picaro--Chilean Souvenirs

Indío Picaro
Next time you are in Chile be sure to pick up one of these... It looks like a nice piece of indigenous woodwork, and it is, all sorts of pun intended.  If you pick up the top the legs will come down displaying the genius behind this piece of wood.  It comes highly recommended from traveling websites as souvenirs worth buying in Chile.  Pick one up next time you are there, you won't regret it.

Speaking of not regretting it, the following pictures are worth miles de palabras.


  1. LOL. I'm not sure if I will be travelling to Chile in the near future, but I will consider getting one of those souvenirs. :)

  2. Classic... My mother sure was surprised when she picked one up for the first time. :)

  3. Just showing my support by stopping by. That's really awesome btw.

  4. I was meaning to go one winter but pit it off because of the earthquake. Maybe next winter.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Skylor, I think sometimes you put your mother through too much pain! Give her a break!

    Zakk, thanks for your support, always.

    Sucio, I highly recommend going--I think you'll find that it has all been repaired now. I think if you go you will have the time of your life.


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