ID Cards and Pases--Chile

National ID Card, Chile

     I have boxes of memories from my travels and very few items have been dug up to be displayed for the world to see.  When I lived in Viña del Mar, Chile, during 2006 I accumulated quite a few goodies and these are a few that I love.

School Bus Pass, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar

One word: "hair".

Metro Valparaíso--2006 Reloadable Card

This is the metro pass for Valparaíso that I only used a couple times--the buses worked out far better for me on my commute from Viña del Mar to Valparaíso.  The metro was pretty--part of it was underground and as it wound around the coast it came out to say 'hello' to nature.

My old bus route was really fantastic--every day, 20-30 minutes along curvy roads beside the Pacific Ocean...Amazing.

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On a side note I had a really great view from my apartment window.  Seriously, this is not my picture but it's where I lived.  Just a block away from here, behind the cameraman.


  1. I wished I lived in a place with such an awesome view...

  2. I think back on it sometimes and ask myself if it was all just a dream. I was driving home one night a couple of years ago, a bit far from the city, and when I just crossed a bridge I remembered when I visited Machu Picchu. I visited that place and now I'm here?!

    This will help you take the moment in slowly and enjoy it all. You don't get more than once to live! I'm sure that you will one day, Shutterbug. Maybe after you get famous with your blog and people recognize your photography. Go get 'em!

  3. Dude, I'm totally jelly @ living in Valparaiso. I dated a girl who was from Chile and she described it to me, and I've seen pics of that particular town and it looks insane. Love the blog, followed.

  4. Thanks, Elliot. I didn't know much about it before I moved there but it was quite an exciting area. It was big enough to be great but not overcrowded (except in the summer--when all of Santiago relocates to the coast, heh).

    I guess now that you're not dating her you don't have a big reason to visit? I suggest visiting anyway; but while you're there go to Easter Island. I didn't go an still regret it! I will make a more concerted effort to post my pictures for everyone.

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