Maradona's Finest Hour: El Diego, Vino Tinto

Anyone remotely familiar with fútbol, or soccer as we North Americans call it, would recognize the name Maradona.  It's synonymous with "the greatest" and "most excellent football player in Argentinian history, or possibly the world over".  What many of you do not know is that he has a wine named in his honor.

There are probably two ways to take this:
1.  He's so amazing at football that he can do whatever he wants in this world.
2.  He achieved such huge success that after retiring he became an alcoholic and thus a symbol of alcoholism, similar to Marilyn Monroe and something else.

I will let the reader decide this one.

What is my opinion of this fine wine?  An important thing to note is that it is sold in boxes and is not too expensive.  I guess we could say that despite his cheap appearance on the inside he's still good as ever.  


  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I appreciate all sorts of feedback so thank you so much. I've started following your blog, can't wait to read your blog posts. And I've already replied to your questions on my blog. Indonesians don't speak one language. They've a few and all come in different dialects. But most Malaysians and Indonesians learn each other's language very FAST. It's like a Spanish learning Italian. I learned basic Spanish in secondary school and I enjoyed it!

    Btw, my bestie is Korean. =) I know how to say a few korean sentences because I went to school with many Koreans!

    Anyway, hope u drop by again. I definitely will on your blog.

    Be blessed.

  2. RS, thank you very much! I stumbled across your blog and it was an instant awesome for me. I know all about being a stranger in a foreign land. While I am not Muslim living in the West I was a Westerner living in the East, in the Hermit Kingdom. It is not the same feeling since I can imagine a bit of what you felt. Not so much fear and paranoia but more of a long drawn out separation that cannot be changed due to my race and cultural identity.

    I have learned a lot about myself.

    I was reading a language book and it said that orang hutan means "man of the forest" and in your post you had "orang" so I assumed it was the same language! It's fascinating for me.

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your Spanish training, you must be a bit of a linguist yourself? I'm glad you are learning Korean! Keep it up and I will too--my wifey is Korean but she is also my bestie :) Thanks, I will be following you too.


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