Bananagram Love Affair

What started out as a coffee and accidental dinner date became the first steps toward our eventual marriage and we have so many stories to tell you all.  Alas, I'm not going to tell them all to you today, but I think that these pictures--although they were accidentally arranged--somehow manage to bring a semblance of order to our relationship.  These beauties were taken on a recent night out with our dear friend who conveniently brought Bananagrams.

First, while enjoying coffee we talked and talked and before we realized it we were falling in love--typical, I guess, although I'm grateful I didn't say "falling into bed with each other" which would have led to something entirely different than the story I am telling you now.

Next thing we knew we were declaring our love for each other in a convoluted mix of languages only the rosetta stone could help us decipher...But it was very clear. 

It was only a matter of time before she looked over at me and said what I had been waiting so long for her to say: "Take me with you."  She also said "NPSRR" from the look of things, but I didn't understand that part.  Well, never mind, let's move on.

I cannot say that this is exactly how it happened but I think that you get the point.  In works at the moment is my new book describing a revolutionary 3-step process on how to turn your co-worker into your wife and how to defeat your Korean stepmother with +2 armor and +10 attack without using all your mana points on healing yourself.

Has anyone else in this world fought with a family member over marriage because a family member didn't approve?  Please, share your story with me.


  1. How sweet it is to fall in love!

  2. I also wanted to add, that you are in the lead! Keep up the great work! :)

  3. you're so lucky!

    but then again you have the problem with the in-law, so that balances things out. :|

  4. Yeah, it's been pretty sweet so far. I guess we have seen our share of troubles but it is all contributing to a tempered version of our love. Who wants 10k soft gold love? I want something that's been hammered by mother-in-laws and other such people... heh. Of course I say that now, but before I was dying to get out from under the pressure!

    Yay, Shutterbug! Love is grand most days of the week :) Thanks for the news, I hope I can keep up the good work!

  5. I love the randomness of love - cool post


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