MEPS: Step One of Being Owned by the Man.

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We have finally heard back from the Navy and I will leave this coming week to visit MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) where I will officially become government property.  This has been the product of many months' efforts, our marriage, our green card application and receipt, mind you--much work, indeed.

What I would have never considered years prior is now becoming my destiny, which I am very anxious to embrace.  My wife and I are both nervous--this is the longest separation we will have experienced to date and are not looking forward to this part.  Nevertheless we cannot wait to begin, and to allow it to change us for the better.

If there is anyone out there on the interwebs who is contemplating a military career or term, I can think of a great many benefits that make the decision easier.  Has it been easy contemplating a career, or term in the military as a Linguist?  I cannot say it has been easy, much has gone wrong, and after several months of unemployment you can begin to doubt even your most hardened of convictions and faith in God.  It began nearly 15 months ago and is finally coming to fruition...

Lately I have spoken with numerous friends and couples like us, coming from Korea, bi-racial and everything, considering similar paths and am very surprised to hear that I'm not alone.

I would love to hear stories from bi-racial couples, or those who have dealt with parents who disagreed with your choice in a spouse, and struggles that have gone into making a decision leading to a military career.  What made you do it, and what made you stick with it?

Information about MEPS:

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  1. Congratulations on getting this far!

  2. Thanks, G, Shutterbug and Jay. I know it will be an adventure and I hope that I can work very hard and do what I expect of everyone working for the government. We criticize so much but I hope that given the same authority and responsibility that I will do what is right. It is a huge weight to carry, isn't it?

    I'll post pictures when I am back from boot camp so everyone can see me 'in uniform'. Heh.

  3. Andrew, I made a typo on my post today (Photo #59). It should have read "This is something that kids should NOT be playing with." I don't know if you want to take another look at the photo and guess again... :P


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