Chilean Keychains and Beers

No tan rica como parece...
Not as good as it seems...

When you remember your professional partying days occasionally you have keepsakes that aren't contagious and/or contributing factors to obesity and diabetes.  Hah.  What I really mean is sometimes you collect things that are harmless and make for great posts later on in life.

I've got a pair of keychains, both from popular Chilean beer companies: Cristal and Escudo; Escudo being the better of the two by leaps and bounds.  Chile doesn't normally call their beer 'cerveza' like other Spanish speaking countries but rather 'chela' or 'chelita' which is the diminutive of 'chela.'

An interesting idiom from Chile is: "¡Estái en Becker!" which means "You're in Becker!", which comes from the name of a popular beer in Chile, Becker.  It simply means: You're in another world.  Probably an intoxicated world, but that goes without saying.  More can be found on Chilean Spanish here: (English, Spanish)

Yo sí sé lo que haces...
I really do know what you're doing...

Escudo Keychain

On the reverse side of the Escudo keychain we see the following: 
"Sé lo que haces cuando te metes la mano al bolsillo." 

which is Spanish for:

"I know what you're doing when you put your hand in your pocket."

Of course, we all know that what we're really doing is reaching for this keychain, or perhaps for a bit of change to purchase another one of these fine beers.

[Script: Have you guys realized that there's always a Chilean in some part of the world? What are you talking about?  That guy fat guy...Chilean!  And the ____ millionaire, Chilean!  ... {} And the guy who sells nuts to the gringos?  Chilean.  The owner of the moon... Chilean!  Hey, and the most beautiful goal?  Chilean!  What would the world be without Chileans?  Cheers!]


  1. I'll trust you if you say that Cristal isn't great, but that commercial makes me want to buy one anyway. Chilena! Haha, love it!

  2. You're right about that. The commercial is epic and really made me laugh hard. My favorite from Chile is neither Escudo nor Cristal but a brand called Kunstmann which was brewed in the South of Chile... This one was excellent, so European! Anyway, una Chilena para Chile!

  3. I think using girls to sell stuff is even more evil than this! I could have found 1,385,405,203 you tube videos like that, heh. But their job is to sell it, not prove its deliciousness or value as a social lubricant. That's why I love these commercials. You know, I found commercials to be really great in South America--very creative.

  4. that vid makes me want to go to chile. :D


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