Double Entendre with Durex

Both a light bulb and a noose:
a good example of double entendre.
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Reading through updates on the Wall Street Journal page I couldn't help but notice that a "New Condom Nears Approval" and my curiosity got the better of me.  Apparently it helps keep things going for longer, if you know what I mean.  Well, I suggest you read the article if you're interested in that sort of thing; I just couldn't help but notice how ironically this quote was written:

The product could also provide a boost to Durex, the world's top-selling condom brand, not least in the U.S., where Durex has struggled to gain a sizable market share. (See original article here)

Most notably, the words: "sizable market share" left me laughing hysterically (emphasis mine).

I hope you laugh too. Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Giggle worthy, yes. Thanks for the share and, well, giggles. Hehehe

  2. Thanks, guys and gals. I had a lot of fun writing this one too, lots of fun. I am really just starting to feel the joy of blogging as I'm getting more into the types of articles I write and starting to understand what brings me the most pleasure. I'm glad you all appreciated this. I have another post coming soon that will talk about some signs and grammar things and will hopefully be funny as well as educational :)

  3. I totally thought it was a noose first! LMAO!!


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