Meat Mr. Bear


This is Mr. Bear...

Do you ever have those fun Saturdays when you go out with your grandparents and get taken to old country stores for ice cream + antiques?  We sure do and this time we landed a gold mine outside of a small town, which is outside of a slightly less small town in North Carolina.  

Our journey took us outside of Burgaw, North Carolina, which is where I went to high school, and fortunately where I have left!  It's not that it's a bad place to live, it's just a bad place for young people who want to make something of their lives...I'm sure you can all think of someplace like this...

Anywho, it's not the place but the people, isn't that right?  
For the record I would like everyone to know that this place has a stuffed bear and while they do not approve of touching him I think he's great for portraits.

Now that I think about it, I am reminded of a funny, yet true story about a bunch of youths getting mauled by she-bears in the Old Testament.  It's a brilliant story that teaches a lesson: "Don't disrespect your elders and/or God's messengers; it just might get you killed." We were spared because we didn't disrespect our elders and managed to have an amazing day; imagine that?  Thanks for stopping by.

Olivia hanging with Mr. Bear

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  1. I'd say "I want one" but I know in the long run, it'd only just creep me the f*** out.

  2. I vaguely remember that old testament story; it sort of happens out of the blue.


  4. D4, maybe you can want one for your neighbor instead? That way you can see it as often as you like without having to find it in your house when you go for a late night snack? It sounds win-win to me!

    Jay--Yeah, it does. It was always a really comedic story, so out of the blue. I guess it's a funny story as long as you don't get eaten up by the bears. We will learn our lesson from the story and stay alive.

    Casey, what an amazing commercial. I think that it even deserves to be added to this post. Thanks!

  5. Can I just say your wife is very pretty! :D

  6. Thanks, Shutterbug! I'll tell her immediately :) And of course she'll appreciate it.


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